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Our Products

Original Recipe Moonshine

Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles. Our Original Recipe Moonshine is a three-grain distilled spirit specialty. It is triple distilled and charcoal filtered to remove any impurities and to give it a smooth taste and pleasant aroma. Available now in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Fuel of the Feud Moonshine

Available in 750ml bottles. Fuel of the Feud is made using water from the Randall McCoy Well from Hatfield/McCoy Feud Fame. It is a combination of West Virginia Corn and Kentucky Rye giving an initial sweet flavor with a spicy finish. It is triple distilled, charcoal filtered and finished at 100 proof. Available now in Kentucky, coming soon to West Virginia.

Robert's Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bourbon Bottle.jpg

Our Premium Bourbon is a very small batch four-grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged 4 years in 10 gallon and 30 gallon #3 Char barrels. Coming Soon.

Apple Brandy

Our Limited Release Apple Brandy is made from apples grown on the distillery farm as well as other Eastern Kentucky Orchards and aged 4 years in 53 gallon Chardonnay barrels.

Poppy Collins Rye Whiskey

Our Rye Whiskey, named after our CEO’s great grandfather Poppy Collins will be aged 6-8 years in 30 gallon #4 Char barrels before bottling. Will be available in 2022.

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