About Us

Pauley Hollow Distillery, LLC is the first legal distillery in Pike County, Kentucky. We are currently producing our Original Recipe Moonshine and aging our bourbon and rye whiskey. We are a small family operation located in Forest Hills, Kentucky. Quality ingredients and hard work set us apart from other distilleries. Our CEO and COO are involved in every aspect of the process from selecting and grinding the grains to cooking the mash to distillation to bottling and labeling.

  • - We only use local spring water which is filtered through a micron filter before any grain touches it. Our favorite source of water is from the 100 year old, hand dug, spring fed well on the distillery property

  • - We hand select our grains and use only the finest ingredients that meet our high standards.


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(606) 422-4947


91 Kate Camp Br., Forest Hills, KY 41527

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