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Our Equipment

Part of what makes Pauley Hollow Distillery special is our dedication to doing moonshine and bourbon right. Improperly prepared moonshine can be dangerous; patrons who purchase illegally made moonshine are putting their health at risk. This is why we encourage customers to purchase legal moonshine, made with proper equipment, good ingredients, and with the highest standards of quality. Our moonshine is made with high grade equipment, but our process still retains much of the heritage that has made Kentucky bourbon and moonshine so popular. Take a look.



We ferment our mash in 300 gallon cypress wood fermenters.


Copper & Cypress Column Still

Our still is a 150 gallon copper pot still with 12" stainless still mainway, four 6" columns with copper plates. It is natural gas fired with a 440,000 BTU burner. 



We choose a selection of new char and toasted barrels made of Appalachian Oak to age our bourbon, rye, and apple brandy. Vanilla caramel, toffee, smoke, coffee and chocolate flavors are present in the different barrels and each provides beautiful color. 

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Get your hands on some of the best in Kentucky Bourbon, Moonshine and more, shipped right to your door (*in participating states).

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