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Our Equipment


We ferment our mash in 300 gallon cypress wood fermenters.

Copper & Cypress Column Still

Our still is a 150 gallon copper pot still with 12" stainless still mainway, four 6" columns with copper plates. It is natural gas fired with a 440,000 BTU burner. with copper plates


Our 10 and 30 gallon barrels are made from Minnesota White Oak. Four our bourbon, we use a #3 Char barrel that provides the most vanillins. Caramel and toffee flavors are also present and provide a beautiful amber color. We use a #4 Char barrel for our rye which adds smoke, coffee, and chocolate flavors and a darker color.

Barrel Aging

Our barrels are aged on oak racks in an open air rack house located in the hills of Appalachia, where they experience the full temperature changes of the four seasons. This gives our bourbon and rye a smooth, distinct flavor.

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